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Peter Gilgan

, Chairman & CEO Mattamy Group Corp.

“Run toward the fire — don’t run away from the fire. Hit it head on.”

Jim Treliving

, Chairman and Founder, Boston Pizza International

“We’re put on this earth for more than just earning a living and enjoying life. I think you have help people.”

Ryan Reynolds

, Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur

“If you do things with genuine enthusiasm, and I don’t believe that you can make anything good in this world without enthusiasm, and people feel that from you, and it’s genuine, I think things tend to work a little bit better.”

Anthony von Mandl

, Founder & CEO, Mark Anthony Group

“When you have a dream, protect it with your life. Never let anyone take it away from you.”

Monique F. Leroux

, Corporate Director, Chair of the Board and CEO (Retired), Desjardins Group

“At the end of the day, some things will be very easy. That’s not where you will be able to learn. When you face failures, that’s when you will learn the most.”

Amar S. Doman

, Founder & Sole Shareholder, The Futura Corporation

“From my father : The road to success is always under construction”

Rola Dagher

, Global Channel Chief, Dell Technologies Inc.

“Learn it, earn it, return it..”

Darren Entwistle

, CEO, TELUS Corporation

“Success is making a meaningful difference in the things I care about, and living up to the responsibilities that are bestowed upon me.”

Bharat Masrani

, President & CEO, TD Bank Group

“The secret sauce of success is a culture that is centered around diversity, inclusion, and respect for each other.”

Lorne Michaels

, TV Producer and Screenwriter, Saturday Night Live

“You’re always better when you’re surrounded by really talented people.”