Earning the HAA National Entrepreneurial Scholarship is one of the proudest moments of my life. HAA provided me steady financial assistance to support me as a student along with a strong community of resilient peers and extremely supportive HAA staff whom I will always be grateful for.

Krishna Verma
2023 National Entrepreneurial Scholar


FINANCIAL AID COUNSELLING to ensure that Scholars receive the maximum aid possible, which may include mediation with their schools’ financial aid offices. 

UNIVERSITY SELECTION ADVISING to ensure that Scholars have taken into consideration the anticipated debt load and course of study when determining which institutions are the best fit for them.

UNIVERSITY SUCCESS PROGRAM to provide Scholars with the tools and resources necessary to successfully transition from high school to university.
The year-long online curriculum addresses topics including: time management and productivity, study skills, health and wellness, social skills, giving back, and financial literacy and budgeting.


PERSONAL CONTACT with Scholars maintained through communications sent via email, text, telephone,
and mail.

PERSONALIZED ASSISTANCE for Scholars who are at risk of dropping out and need additional support, based on systems that collect information on academic progress (course load, grades), debt load, and wellness.

SUPPORT & REFERRAL SERVICES through a 24/7 telephone line, supplemented by online resources, that provides access to confidential counselling services for Scholars and Alumni facing mental, emotional, social, financial, legal, and other life challenges. 

WELLNESS RESOURCES available through the Association’s partnerships with subject matter experts and organizations.

EMERGENCY SUPPORT providing urgent financial assistance to Scholars and Alumni who are experiencing unexpected adverse circumstances that could jeopardize their academic progress, such as food insecurity, homelessness, and medical emergencies.

HOUSING SUPPORT for Scholars who are at risk of homelessness or in need of accommodations during their winter and spring breaks. 

MENTORING through formal and informal relationships that develop with Members, Life Partners, Alumni and industry professionals. 

NETWORKING & RESOURCE SHARING through our online platform, HAA Connect, where Scholars and Alumni can connect with each other and the Association staff, and learn about volunteer opportunities, upcoming events, and other items of interest.


CAREER RESOURCES including externships, internship stipends, and an online job board to help Scholars obtain professional experiences that are key to successfully launching their careers.

CAREER SUCCESS SEMINARS for Scholars and Alumni to expand their professional network, learn to engage in a business environment, develop a resume and LinkedIn profile, and receive mentoring from industry leading professionals.