For current grade 11 high school students (Class of 2025) across Canada, and 12 high school students (Class of 2024) in Québec.


For students pursuing a certificate or diploma, helping them achieve their career aspirations and fulfill their potential.


For students who have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher and plan to pursue a master’s, PHD, or postdoctoral degree

The Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarship is one that I am very thankful for. While most scholarships are only an application process and an acceptance or rejection, this scholarship comes with so much more. I have had the privilege to connect with other scholars, receive academic advising and counselling, network with many industry professionals and overall create a community that I would not give up for the world. With the Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarship, I genuinely made the realization that I am not and never will be alone.

Michaela Callender
2023 Canadian Scholar


The Horatio Alger Association greatly values the support of educators, guidance counselors, financial aid officers, and other school officials in promoting our scholarship programs. If you work with underserved youth, we encourage you to stay connected and volunteer. We welcome goodwill ambassadors who are aligned with our mission and values, and want to increase awareness about the Association and our scholarships. Join us in providing opportunities to promising young people and help us enable them to overcome critical financial need and other adversities as they pursue their dream through higher education. To download posters that you can display at your school, please click the following links: VTE scholarships.