Jim Pattison (’04)

2022 Jim Pattison Award Recipient

Founder and Owner
The Jim Pattison Group

Jim Pattison, born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1928, witnessed his family’s struggles during the Great Depression, which instilled in him a deep sense of resilience and determination. Despite facing financial hardship, he chose to leave the University of British Columbia before graduating to join the workforce. In 1961, at 33, Pattison boldly purchased a GM dealership and revolutionized Canadian car sales by introducing car leasing.

In 1967, Pattison began to expand his business ventures by buying 20 per cent of the shares of Neon Products. That same year, he executed a hostile takeover of the company showcasing his strategic prowess and ambition. This marked the beginning of a series of acquisitions that would ultimately establish the Jim Pattison Group as a powerhouse in the Canadian business landscape. The Jim Pattison Group, under Pattison’s vision, thrives with over 45,000 employees across diverse Canadian sectors, exemplifying excellence and innovation.

Pattison is renowned for his philanthropy, annually donating 10% of his income and making significant contributions like $75 million to establish the Jim Pattison Medical Centre in 2017. His legacy as one of Canada’s most generous citizens is further solidified by a $50 million pledge to the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.